Feed My Starving Children and it’s army of volunteers have packed and distributed over 2 BILLION meals, but they are not even close to slowing down!  Global hunger is still one of the major problem in our world and as they say at FMSC “We want to reach everyone, until ALL are fed.”

Through their permanent locations in MN, AZ and IL and their highly successful MobilePack events which happen all around the US, they continue to make a huge difference by providing food, which is the foundation for all other progress.

ReQuip is a US based business that turns surplus into support by selling equipment, inventory and supplies that have been donated from generous individuals and businesses.  We (more content here)

A recent ReQuip sale of a lawn mower that had not been used for several years, but found a new home with Stacy, was able to provide 100 meals with FMSC.  Because of their amazing donors, support team and volunteers, FMSC is able to pack an individual meal for about $.22 US.

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