About Us

Lets Work Together For Good!

Sell, Consign, Donate or Purchase

What We Do

ReQuip exists for 2 reasons:
1. Help Companies and Individuals responsibly re-purpose surplus or no longer needed items
2. Generate additional funding for Great Causes

Our Mission

ReQuip’s goal is to make a positive difference in our world by re-purposing items that have been sold, consigned or donated to ReQuip from generous businesses and individuals. We sell these items at warehouse locations, on-line and thru scheduled on-line auction style sale events, and give a portion of every sale to some really Great Causes.

Sell, Consign, Donate

You can re-purpose a wide range of unwanted, surplus or old equipment, inventory or supplies with ReQuip by Selling, Consigning or Donating.

Typical Items ReQuip Re-Purposes:

Why Choose ReQuip?

Together we can make a difference

When you Sell, Consign or Donate with ReQuip, your item is sold and part of the proceeds go to great causes.

We help the environment

By re-purposing items instead of prematurely recycling or scrapping, we try to get the most usable life out of items.