Here at ReQuip, our mission is simple, to turn surplus into support.

One key area that helps support our mission is the ability to sell a large quantity of items in the fastest amount of time. We sell these items through multiple channels, including our own online store, eBay, Craigslist, and direct to consumer. In order to create financial support for our cause partners, it is critical that the process of listing items for sale does not take a significant amount of time. A key technology tool that we implemented for this process is the WP Lister Pro for eBay!

The WP Lister Pro enables us to connect our WooCommerce shop directly with our eBay Store. We are able to select multiple products right from our products page, select a profile to apply a set of predefined options and list them all on eBay with just a few clicks. This saves us from duplicating our efforts as well as enhancing the probability of items being sold in the shortest amount of time; thus creating the support for our cause partners!

We would love feedback from anyone who has experience with this plugin, any success stories or any advice on other ways to improve our online listing process. If you’d like to discuss how this process could help your organization, feel free to give us a call 800-670-5110. 

Together, we can provide resources for causes across the country by turning surplus into support!  


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