After 20+ years of selling equipment to a very wide range of manufacturing companies and being in the business of Re-Purposing (a few steps above recycling), I have seen a wide range of items come thru our doors in the past few years.  Most items that companies donate, consign or sell to ReQuip are fairly typical (floor scrubbers, automation equipment and components, motors, generators, pumps, etc.) all of which we love and sell every day and share part of the profit with great causes who are making a difference in our world.  Every so often we receive an item that we have never seen before; below are a few examples:

Royer Dirt Shredder – this machine is used to screen out sticks and rocks from black dirt, usually used by landscaping companies or golf courses.  ReQuip sold one of these to a WORM Farm in Oregon, and generated over $1,000 profit that was shared with one of our cause partners.

ARJO Therapy Bath Tub – we received (3) of these units from one of our Cause Partners, two of the units had some issues and we sold for parts, but one was in good working order.  We listed these units and sure enough, found a buyer who traveled from La Crosse, WI (during a snow storm) to purchase this unit for his son, who has Cystic Fibrosis, and the movement of the tub and the jets help with his condition.

MEDCO Wheel Chair Washing Machine – yes, there is such a thing!  Seems obvious now, but at the time we took in this unit (from a surplus auction), I had never heard of it.  These units are used by nursing homes, rehab centers and other places that need to fully clean a wheel chair.  Put the unit in and hit the button, and after 30 minutes, you have a nice, clean, sanitized wheel chair.

If you or your company has an interesting (or normal) piece of equipment, inventory, or supplies to Donate, Consign or Sell to ReQuip, send us a note at or visit for more information.  You can also reach us at 800-670-5110.

Together we can make a difference.


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